2016 Mendenhall Village Management Report

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May 31, 2016

Dear Mendenhall Village Homeowners,

In accordance with the Mendenhall Village Homeowners Association Bylaws, the 2016 Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, May 10th at the Hockessin Fire Company’s Memorial Hall.

By adhering to the approved budget and the targeted, ongoing maintenance goals and improvements in 2015- 2016, the Association will end the Fiscal Year with a small positive balance – something that hasn’t occurred in, or been possible, for several years. The expenses no longer exceed the Assessments received each year.

The Board presented and approved a budget that includes funding for the open space areas of the Mendenhall Village Community that had not been addressed in past years, including several ongoing improvements and repairs that were identified. All of these efforts are being prioritized to keep up the appearance of our Community while also avoiding more costly repairs in the future, if not handled in a timely manner.

The 2016-2017 Assessment was approved and set to remain the same as last year, in 2015, at $360.00 with a discount of 20% to $288.00 if paid by June 30, 2016, in accordance with the Bylaws. Any resident whose payment is received after July 1, 2016, will owe the entire $360.00.

The Board is committed to pursuing all legal means available to us to recover all monies owed the Association by any homeowners that have not paid their mandatory assessments. We have engaged a Law Firm to pursue those in arrears and will use all legal avenues available to us. We continue to be successful in collecting past due Assessments and will keep pursuing delinquent accounts until all past due amounts have been received.

With the approval of the Board, A2Z Property Management prepared and solicited bids for all of our contracted services for Open Space and Snow Plowing/Salting. We now have new contractors providing better quality services in all areas of the Community.

There will be several projects taking place over the next several months as we continue to address planned repairs and improvements. The Board will continue to address necessary repairs and improvements as they arise to keep our Community vibrate and desirable and a great place to live for all the residents.

Many homeowners are not adhering to the Mendenhall Village Declaration of Restrictions. The MVHA Board desires to make certain that each home is properly maintained and kept in an orderly fashion, while helping to preserve the property values for all homes in the Community. A2Z Property Management has been retained by the Board to manage and enforce compliance with the Deed Restrictions and to perform random, monthly inspections and to respond whenever there is a violation. Several issues also fall under Code Violation of New Castle County or State Code, and are enforced by their Code Inspection Officers and many violations carry substantial fines and/or penalties.

The Board thanks you for your continued support of our community.


The Mendenhall Village Homeowners Association Board